LETTER: ‘Walking co-ordinator’ does a great job in Pendle

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I MUST take issue with P. Gardiner (Letters, December 31st) and his view that a “walking co-ordinator” is a “non-job”.

Our Community Development Walking Officer for Pendle is Wayne Bowman, who has recently won a “Pride of Nelson” award for outstanding public service.

We are all encouraged to take some form of exercise. Last year alone, more than 700 new people joined one of Wayne’s schemes. As well as the popular “Let’s Walk” project, he organises pushchair walks, schools, family days, North-West fathers, Asian community, work-place lunchtime walks, evening walks - learning difficulties/disabilities, early onset dementia, visually impaired, the deaf (Wayne is fluent in sign language) GP referrals, Age Concern and “Specials” like history walks, nature reserves and navigation courses - to name a few. This is hardly a “non job”!

Wayne Bowman, our Community Development Walking Officer, is a vital part of the local community and much appreciated and respected for his commitment to his work - and us.