LETTER: Walking co-ordinator does a great job

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I AM writing in response to Peter Gardiner’s letter in which - yet again - he describes a walking co-ordinator as a “non-job”.

The Community Development Walking Officer for Pendle is Wayne Bowman. His “non-job” has encouraged 400 people to join his organised walks in the last three months alone. He also works with over 50 local groups and last year, his dedication to the community was recognised when he won the Pride of Nelson Award organised by Nelson Town Council for outstanding public service.

Mr Gardiner also states that last time he wrote, “two readers wrote in support of walking co-ordinators”. No, Mr Gardiner, two letters were published (one from me). You claim the letters were from people doing the “non-job” of walking co-ordinators. Nonsense! I worked for the NHS for many years as a registered nurse until I retired a few years ago. I now have some free time enabling me to walk in our beautiful countryside in safety with a friendly organised group for company.

There are at least eight different walks every week for all abilities. Why not pick up a leaflet or contact Wayne on 661315. Everyone is welcome to experience the pleasure gained from all these excellent free walks.