LETTER: Time for the little people to say ‘enough is enough’

THIS may come as a little surprise to people, especially David Penney, but I agree 101% with his comments on this disgraceful election for police commissioners.

However, if I may go a little further, readers will remember at the last General Election we, the people, were asked in a referendum what method of voting we wished for in the future: the established first past-the-post we all understood or some form of proportional representation. As I remember, the majority in favour of retaining the first past the post was huge. It left no doubt what we the people wanted.

Now I know 85% of you reading this didn’t go to vote for the police commissioner but had you done so like I did, you would have got a surprise. Your voting slip didn’t ask you to select the candidate of your choice and put your cross, it asked you to vote for one candidate in column one and your second choice in column two – in other words a form or proportional representation, so once again the will of the people has been totally ignored.

So whose fault is this, I ask? Well if you want a really honest answer, it’s our fault, not MPs. They don’t live in our world, and they prove it weekly. We all, or nearly all of us, have an in-built problem. For example, I am a lifelong Tory of the right-wing variety. I make no excuses for that and I have always voted Tory through thick and thin. Somewhere is my opposite number of the Labour left who always does likewise and the result is a bunch in Westminster who don’t represent either of us, and we let them get away with it.

The time is coming where we all need to take a deep breath and say enough is enough. They don’t have a divine right to be in power. I, the little person, have the right to choose someone who will represent me and I the little person need to change my way of thinking. I have done that. Mr Cameron doesn’t represent me. In fact, I don’t think he likes me. Sadly for him there are a few million Tories like me and maybe a handful of MPs left who believe in law and order, strong defence, a stop to all immigration, don’t give billions away in aid while our own are struggling. Well I have a way out. The UKIP team seem to be preaching my language. Our Guru Norman Tebbit invites the three million or so of me to join them. It’s an illustration of a change of mind.

This last election for commissioners, right or wrong, put up something different. About a third are non-political. They are independent thinking people. Let’s see what happens. Maybe they will show us the way. Some of the little people certainly showed us the way by dumping the politically appointed candidates and choosing someone with a mind of their own. How refreshing – I want to join in.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield