LETTER: Thanks to all involved in ducklings rescue

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I’m writing to thank all those involved in the rescue of ducklings from a drain last week.

A fellow dog walker mentioned he thought he’d heard some chirping down a drain at the top of Upbrooks, but would value a second opinion. After a little bit of searching, (typical of me, I started at the wrong end of the road and ended up looking and listening at every drain along Taylor Street and Upbrooks, guaranteeing quizzical looks from every passing car) I found said drain.

Sure enough there was a faint chirping noise, although I couldn’t see any signs of life. I nipped home and phoned the fire brigade, not certain if this was something they would want to be involved in, but they were absolutely brilliant.

By the time I’d returned to the drain they’d been and gone, having rescued five ducklings with the aid of a fishing net borrowed from a young couple picnicking nearby. The fire brigade were also good enough to ring me and let me know that the ducklings had been rescued.

Not only were they safe, but as no mother duck was around, without whom the ducklings would be unlikely to survive, the young couple, who keep hens, were taking the ducklings home until they’re old enough to be safely released back into the wild.