LETTER: Thanks for your help for Derian House

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A BIG thank you from the Inner Wheel Club of Ribblesdale to everyone who donated to the Derian House Children’s Hospice through the collection held at Booths in Clitheroe in mid-May.

This raised £789 of much-needed funding.

It is now 16 years since Derian House, in Chorley, opened its doors to deal with most of the referrals from the North-West. In November, 2010, the service was extended with the inauguration of Derian Lodge, the Young Adult Unit, and it may not be generally known that, in addition to in-house care, there is also the vital and much-used Hospice at Home facility, which offers specialist palliative support for the child, within its own family setting.

Derian House is open 365 days a year, though statutory funding only covers the cost of 35 of these, so it is almost completely reliant on voluntary funding, if it is to stay open. Projected costs for 2011 are £2.5 million for the whole year, which amounts to £4.77 per minute or £6,868 per day.


Inner Wheel Club of Ribblesdale