LETTER: Ted Carter ... great CRGS teacher

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Thanks for your excellent tribute to Ted Carter, teacher at CRGS.

It was with a heavy heart I learnt of his passing. Ted was an inspiration to me as a young man at the school from 1974 to 1981.

Ted led the school Scout group with “Beefy” Hesketh, another tremendous guy, inspiring us all and setting standards which teachers of today should aspire to.

Ted kept disciplined classes yet received respect and delivered interesting lessons.

We travelled to Kandersteg in Switzerland with the school Scout group, led on two occasions when I attended by Ted, during which time he taught us to be proud and respect others as well as creating a wonderfully enjoyable team environment. His example stayed with me as I journeyed through life,

It’s always a pity you cannot let those who had such a positive influence on your life know what they did for you until it’s too late. There’s a lesson for us all. Ted, you were a great teacher and a good man. Thank you.

Steve Hartley

Ex-CRGS pupiL