LETTER: So much for the Human Rights Act for homeowners

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WE hear a lot about human rights these days, the rights of every citizen.

If a person grows up in England, gets a job, is conscientious, hard-working, careful about spending money and keeps up with their mortgage payments, that person can eventually become the owner of his or her home.

Nothing too grand, just a modest terraced house on a street perhaps, with a green field at the end and a nice view.

Then along comes a developer to build 50-plus homes in the field, impose between 400 and 500 traffic movements per day along the street, together with the noise, pollution, nuisance and danger they bring with them.

Not to mention the fact the green field and the view has also gone.

Sadly, it seems that the right to enjoy a family life in a home that is bought and paid for in peace and quiet does not exist. No, the house can be massively devalued, quality of life ruined and there is virtually nothing to be done about it.

So much for the Human Rights Act!


Waddington Road, Clitheroe