LETTER: Save England’s countryside for future generations

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Target Whalley! Planning permission wanted again to build homes on valuable farm land. All together. No, no, no! Preserve green belt land, fight these developments.

Save England’s remaining countryside for future generations. Stop now all this selling off of our food security. Protect our heritage and environment.

In the UK, 700,000 homes stand empty, 2,500 alone in nearby Hyndburn. Bring these homes into use first and cut the waffle. Stop now the New Homes Bonus Scheme, which encourages speculators to abandon empty properties in places like Accrington, Burnley and Blackburn.

With the UK importing much of the food we eat and “10 more Birminghams” projected in about the next 20 years as the population increases, it’s complete madness that anyone should think about building on England’s valuable farm land. Little enough to begin with.

Leave our farm land to grow food for the people year upon year as it has always been. Together we can be one force for reason and good sense. Leave our countryside alone.

“Food was central to the experience of the Second World War. All governments tried to deny the enemy access to food while securing a good supply for their own people” (Taste of War: World War Two and the Battle for Food by Lizzie Collingham).

If building homes on farm land was in the national interest I wouldn’t oppose it. It isn’t, so I won’t support this latest planning application.

Voters, let it be known that any councillor voting in favour of this build will, come the next election, be like a turkey voting for Christmas.


Station Road,