LETTER: Rabbits were scared at side of road

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WALKING our dogs the other evening we came across two rabbits cowering by the path.

“Everything that lives is scared,” Steinbeck reminds us.

It was a long time later before we passed the rabbits again – they were still there (we kept the dogs well away).

“The human heart is very fragile,” wrote a theologian. So are the hearts of little creatures entrusted to our care. Maybe with good intentions the rabbits had been left there to become wild. They are too vulnerable.

There are shops in the village which could display a notice asking for a new home; there is a paper in Clitheroe which inserts notices free of charge.

There are so many more circumstances of poverty and deprivation in our cities, but in a rural community I would like to think people can be more caring. The two bunnies have now been passed to good, safe and caring accommodation.


St Chad’s Avenue, Chatburn