LETTER: Put your old mobile to good use

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MANY of your readers will have received new phones for Christmas, leaving them wondering what to do with their old devices.

Rather than putting them in a drawer, never to be used again, World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) is offering the perfect solution for redundant and out-of-date devices – its Recycle for Research scheme.

This gives unwanted mobile phones and other items such as PDAs a new lease of life and raises funds for the cancer prevention charity’s vital research and education programmes. The WCRF scheme also accepts used printer ink and toner cartridges. Most phones are sold on or recycled while cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer for refilling. Both are the most environmentally friendly option.

WCRF can provide freepost envelopes for your devices and freepost labels for larger packages – sent straight to your workplace or home. We can also provide boxes of recycling envelopes for display. To find out more about Recycle for Research email recycling@wcrf.org or call 020 7343 4205.