LETTER: Potholes cause cars brakes to fail

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It would appear that Clitheroe is now paying the bitter price of selecting a Lib-Dem county councillor at the last Lancashire County elections.

The roads now resemble a third world country, and in particular Well Terrace approaching the roundabout with Chatburn Road. The type of potholes that have appeared at various locations in the the 20mph zone have the potential to cause ABS malfunctions in cars so it doesn’t matter if you are obeying the 20mph limit if you can’t stop in the theoretical shorter time anyway; from 30 ABS malfunctions are far less likely anyway.

Just imagine how many more of our roads could have been properly resurfaced for the £9m. they have wasted on their safety quasi-religion. Most decent drivers ignore the 20mph limit anyway, perhaps only the blind and incompetent stick to it religiously!


Downham Road,