LETTER: Policies will have a devastating effect on our country

DAVID Cameron’s determination to continue with his policies, such as gay marriage and the massive increase in foreign aid, on top of the destructive cuts which affects thousands of jobs, will have a devastating effect on our country and all of our lives.

As Prime Minister his first concerns should be sorting out the economy and the welfare and defence of the nation and its citizens.

Instead, he prefers to give more and more of our hard-earned money in aid to countries whose governments will likely spend it buying fleets of Mercedes cars and such.

In his actions he is destroying the very fabric of what is left of our society and democracy, which thousands bravely paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect.

The fact that he will not listen to any commonsense, not even from many of his traditional supporters, proves that he is determined to turn this country into something alien to most of us.

He, like the former PM Edward Heath, along with his party, are not and never will be Conservative.