LETTER: Pendleside Hospice does a great job

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I FEEL I must reply (even though the editor gave a worthy answer back) to Andrew Hamling’s letter which appeared in the Burnley Express on Friday, November 30th.

I find it hard to understand why anyone would write to complain about the number of items shown in the paper showing people who have raised funds for such a worthwhile cause. Has he nothing better to do with his time – maybe he has a charity that needs helping?

He obviously has not been in the heart-breaking situation of having a friend or relative spending time in, or sadly passing away, at Pendleside. If he had, he would know what a wonderful, peaceful place it is and what an admirable job the dedicated staff do there every day. They need all the money they can get to continue this much-needed hospice. Unfortunately, cancer is an illness that effects everyone and therefore inspires people to want to give.

Having lost my sister, at the age of 50, three years ago, and my father this year to this evil disease, you can understand that this is close to my heart, and why Andrew’s letter has upset me.

I agree there are other charities that are just as important, maybe Andrew could raise some money for one, and appear in the Burnley Express by doing so.