LETTER: Pendle Road monkeys say thanks

I WOULD like to reply to the letter sent in by the animal lover from Downham (CAT April 14th).

Thank you say the Pendle Road Monkeys:

“We would like to say a big thank you to the family from Downham for their kind letter. We love being in our tree, dressing up for each occasion or season and are already out for Easter as Easter bunnies, and are planning our costumes for Will and Kate’s wedding.

The Tomlinson and Reynolds families are very proud of us monkeys and are most pleased our community (local and away) enjoy seeing us as much as they do. It does take time to plan and design our outfits, but we are now Pendle Road fixtures, and it would not be the same without us.

We plan to hang around for many years to come!


Pendle Road, Clitheroe