LETTER: ‘Outsiders’ can have empathy with Burnley

I WOULD like to pass comment on two letters in your paper in recent weeks: one from a Mr Royle, the other from a lady called Mrs S. Pounder, but before I do I would like to make it clear I am not, unlike them, Burnley born and bred. I moved here 10 months ago from Southport.

With regards to the first letter by Mr Royle, which seems to be full of factual information: me being an avid reader of your paper, in an effort to learn more about the town I have chosen to make my home, including the town’s MP’s Westminster week from which I feel Mr Royle has gleaned most of his info. I say majority reservedly as some of it seems to stem from recent history, which through judicious questioning appears also to be factual.

Then the letter by Mrs Pounder, which fails to make much comment on any of the major statements in the aforesaid letter from Mr Royle. Indeed I found it to be negative in the extreme, however I found a couple of points worth making comment on. Firstly, the lady states quite clearly she doesn’t know Mr Birtwistle then goes on to state she has regular chats with him in town. She also says Mr Royle’s comments on the old aerospace industries are negative. I don’t really think that can be the case as it is a true statement. Therefore it can’t be termed negative. There is another statement she makes about the hospital which I don’t feel competent on getting involved in, simply because I wasn’t here when all this was going on: so I don’t know the background.

In conclusion, I think I should inform your readers openly that I write this letter in an effort to show that people from other areas can have an empathy with you the good people of Burnley.