LETTER: Object to closure of Colne recycling centre

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I AM astonished at the proposal by Lancashire County Council to close the waste recycling centre at Colne.

There are many reasons why it should not be closed. The site encourages recycling locally and it is easily accessible.

It is central to this part of Pendle, thus reducing journey times and saving on fuel. The staff are very helpful and friendly - in fact, I would go further and suggest the service is expanded to introduce a type of “free cycle” scheme where people could exchange or take abandoned items that someone else has no longer a use for.

This closure will result in more fly tipping, therefore increasing costs to the local council who have to clear up dumped rubbish. As a local councillor, I have experience of this and have always found the cleansing department very helpful - but for how much longer?

We are all being encouraged to be more environmentally aware to live greener lifestyles because of climate change but this closure, if it goes ahead, will make it more difficult with longer journey times, and some might not even bother any more to recycle, which will lead to even more expensive and unpopular landfill sites.

At a recent Barrowford Parish Council meeting, we unanimously objected to this closure at Colne. I would urge anyone who cares about our environment to object to Lancashire County Council and to lobby their local county councillor.


Pasture Lane, Barrowford