LETTER: ‘No one worthy of my vote’ option

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IN the recent elections one of the main issues was the fact only about 40% of the people eligible to vote exercised their right to do so.

The vast majority of the 40% would only ever vote for the red, blue or yellow teams anyway. What about the 60%? The vast majority, what about their views and hopes for the future? I see it like this. The 60% do not vote for a combination of reasons which are: they do not think their one vote will make any difference to the outcome; based on their experience they do not trust any prospective candidates to do what is right above their own team colour; and they believe prospective councillors are in it for what they can get for themselves and do not wish to support that.

I say the 60% are important human beings and would suggest that to prove what I say is a true state of affairs the following action be taken. In the next election I suggest an extra option be made available for voters. An extra box to tick. By ticking this box you would be stating you turned up at the polling station but chose not to select any of the prospective candidates because none of them were worthy of your vote.