LETTER: No good telling us after the event

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TO those of us who turned out and voted for Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner it would have been nice to know the result, especially those who voted for Labour’s Clive Grunshaw. As far as I can recall this was never publicised in your paper.

Also, this was highly annoying; what is the point of informing us that the new Police and Crime Commissioner was available to meet local people in Booths car park after the event? Can we have an explanation?


Clitheroe Road,


• Editor’s note: We did carry the result of the election for Lancashire’s first Police and Crime Commissioner, in our edition of November 22nd, 2012 (on page 22), the first available edition after the election on November 15th. In answer to the second point, we could not publicise the Commissioner’s visit to Clitheroe (on January 15th) in the newspaper in advance because we were not informed of it in sufficient time to get it into our January 10th edition. Consequently we had to cover the visit retrospectively. However, we did publicise it on our website (www.clitheroeadvertiser.co.uk) six days in advance of the visit.