LETTER: No confidence in Social Services

I HAVE to put pen to paper regarding Housing Pendle and Social Services.

Back in October, I went to Colne Town Hall and requested someone visit my father as he cannot get his mobile scooter down the path to the main footpath.

To cut a long story short, I was told he would have to see an occupational therapist from Social Services, who would then report back to Housing Pendle, who then would come and look at what they would need to do.

It is now, as I write this letter, December 23rd and we are still waiting. As a result of this wait, my father has ended up in hospital as he is not very steady on his legs and fell in the town centre and had to go to Royal Blackburn Hospital.

What would have happened if he couldn’t walk at all? He would have been housebound for the past four months.

How long does it take for an occupational therapist to come out and see somebody? If it took me as long to see somebody in my employment, I would have lost my job long since.

It’s time somebody got their finger out. No wonder people have no confidence in the Social Services.