LETTER: Naive to expect people to drive at 20mph

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I REFER to your article headed “20 m.p.h. bid to make the town safer”.

I would suggest that before they go ahead with this scheme, County Coun. Tim Ashton and Coun. Tony Greaves should spend half-an-hour observing traffic speeds in Venables Avenue, Colne.

This avenue has been a 20 m.p.h. zone for some time. It is a residential area with a major secondary school at the top and, despite all the speed bumps, most drivers appear to completely ignore the 20 m.p.h. speed limit signs and, in many instances, drive in excess of 30 m.p.h.

As a Colne resident, I am all for making the town safer and as a motorist, I appreciate the need to control traffic speeds. But to expect that only speed limit signs will have the desired effect is, in my opinion, somewhat naive.


Venables Avenue, Colne