LETTER: More has come to Burnley under the Conservatives

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IT is hard to know whether to laugh or cry when I read such drivel as written by Andrew Hennessey in the Burnley Express on December 30th.

Can this be the same Andrew Hennessey who asked for our vote in the last General Election?

Mr Hennessey, when you ask for us to vote for you, you need positive ideas not nonsensical rants which are completely meaningless and sound like Arthur Scargill at his worst.

Mr Hennessey, do you not realise the so-called “wealthy want-for-nothings” generate the wealth which enables the Government to provide public services.

The Government does not have any money of its own, only what we pay in taxes.

Since the Conservative-led Government has been in power, there have been more initiatives announced for Burnley than all the time the town had a Labour MP.


Kingsley Drive