LETTER: Mark Kitto band memories!

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After being on holiday for nearly two months, I started to catch up on back issues of the Colne Times and was surprised to see the photo of Mark Kitto and his band.

While up in Colne visiting my family, I saw him and had a chat about the old days and he said he was still playing.

In Geoff Crambie’s write-up, he mentions when he first began with a group of his musical friends and the group were called The Teenagers.

I was the drummer, my brother Tony Houghton was the violinist, David Harris was on piano and Mark and Malcolm Bateson were also in the band.

They were happy days and kept us out of mischief.

At around the same time, I also had my own dancing academy in Colne and lots of people will remember me as Christine Houghton.

I taught for eight years and with my pupils gave shows in lots of the local church halls and old people’s centres.

And whenever I’m up in Colne, I still see lots of the “girls” who came to me or dancing lessons.

Lots of them are now grandparents and I don’t know where the time has gone.

I was 14 when I started teaching, and when I was pregnant with my second daughter gave up altogether.

Christine Wiseman

Walsgreave, Coventry