LETTER: Low-lifes spoil the fun in Clitheroe Castle grounds

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LAST week I took myself up to the Castle grounds, with a few friends, to play football on the Tarmac pitch, next to the skatepark.

Instead of having a proper match, using the full pitch, we were stuck in a corner. Why? Because the rest of the pitch was covered in broken glass.

The last half-a-dozen times I have been up there, it has been the same. At least you get some variation of different coloured and sized glass. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the culprits are those low-life losers who house themselves in the grounds on Friday and Saturday nights, drinking and causing damage. I have seen them myself.

I think a closer watch should be kept in this area so these idiots are caught, punished and humiliated, in the same way they humiliate Clitheroe.