LETTER: Loss of bus station electronic signs is inconvenient

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I READ Will Cook’s report about the loss of the Information signs in the Nelson Interchange with great interest.

I have friends and family who travel to work by bus every day and all have told me the loss of the signs has caused them (and other travellers) great inconvenience.

When one of them complained to those responsible for the signs being switched off, the answer they got was, “Why do people need the signs anyway? Surely they know the time of their bus!” It is obvious the person who made that statement drives leisurely to County Hall in a nice warm tax-payer funded car and he/she never has to stand in a windy bus station in the early hours of the morning wondering if the bus is on time or even en route.

Mind you, I suppose I can understand why “politicians” are divorced from the real world.

During the last administration, one county councillor had the audacity to suggest the route she took from her home to County Hall should be given Purple Highway status.

What this means is that all other traffic is banned for the duration of the journey. I can only think this idea came from Russia: there, roads in Moscow are closed to allow cars carrying members of the Politburo to and from the Kremlin to be whisked through!

It is only a short time since the Interchange was opened in a blaze of publicity. We were told local people using the buses and trains would reap the benefit of this new technology and also the number of tourists would increase because of the ease with which they could plan their travel around Pendle. The least said about that the better wouldn’t you say?

I understand Pendle Council are trying to get funding to keep the signs in operation. All I can say is they had better be quick. Last Tuesday while in the Interchange, I overheard two men from Lancashire County Council discussing arrangements to remove the signs completely.