LETTER: Look out for Diabetes 4 Ts: Toilet, Thirsty, Tired, Thinner

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I AM writing to express my support for Diabetes UK’s campaign to make sure more children and young people with Type 1 diabetes are diagnosed before they become seriously ill.

As someone who has diabetes, I know from personal experience the importance of being diagnosed as early as possible. In fact, about a quarter of children with Type 1 diabetes are not diagnosed until they develop diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which is a life-threatening condition.

This is why I want to help raise awareness of the 4 Ts: Toilet; Thirsty; Tired; Thinner. If you know a child who is going to the toilet a lot, is thirsty, more tired than usual or losing weight, that could be a sign of Type 1 diabetes and it is vital to visit a doctor immediately for a test. For more information go to: www.diabetes.org.uk/the4Ts