LETTER: Lib-Dem conference far from ‘colourless’

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Here we go again - another in-depth “balanced” political letter from Eric Greenwood!

Surely, he should form his own Independent People’s Party as he does not seem happy with any of those on offer.

I have only ever been to Liberal/Lib Dem conferences, so have only seen extracts from those of other parties so am not able to comment.

Yes, I was at the last one and far from being, as he puts it “colourless”, it was in fact quite positive and the number of reporters and TV crews falling over themselves trying to get the views of anyone was a marked contrast to past conferences where the party was very largely ignored.

We are trying in coalition to sort out problems which were not of our making, while trying to stay true to our principles and policies within a very conservative majority. Lib Dems polled significantly lower in the election than Tory or Labour, so we can hardly expect to enact our manifesto in its entirety and what we have achieved is rarely highlighted in the press, but many Tories are unhappy at what Liberals have prevented them from doing.

The tuition fee subject was handled badly but the manifesto commitment to abolish fees was subject to us gaining power and when conditions were right. Of course, students and potential students’ parents liked it, but far more of the general electorate did not. So when we joined the Government, we had to come up with some compromise which, if studied, is fair to all.

The changes Liberals have made to the NHS proposals will never satisfy everyone, especially not those union members mentioned by Mr Pendle, who exist to defend their rights - it is what they were formed for - not what will be to the benefit of the public.

As to reducing the number of councillors, maybe Eric has a good point highlighted by the fact no one seems to want to fill a Nelson Town Council seat and they are looking to co-opt someone. So pop along, Mr Greenwood, and put your name down! No election, no party line to follow, just your common sense approach to the problems of Nelson - as you see them. Good luck!


Knotts Lane, Colne