LETTER: Labour Party isn’t fighting on local issues

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Last week, two political newspapers came through my door on the same day – one from the Labour Party and one from the Conservatives.

What a contrast these newspapers showed. Labour, doom and gloom, and positive good news stories from the Conservatives and Andrew Stephenson MP. You’d think these newspapers were for two different areas.

However, there is another huge difference between these two newspapers. The Conservatives one is very local. Every single article is related to Pendle.

The Labour newspaper, despite being called the Lancastrian, barely even mentions Lancashire. It didn’t mention Pendle at all.

So we can clearly see the dividing lines which the local elections will be fought on in May.

Local Conservatives defending their local record against the Labour party attacking on national issues.

The position of the Labour Party doesn’t make much sense to me and comes across very weak.


Colne (via email)