LETTER: Johnson Matthey nitrogen gas cloud

Regarding the release of nitrogen dioxide from the Johnson Matthey plant in Clitheroe, I note that on their website it states that:

“Failure to deliver acceptable environmental performance, e.g., an environmental incident, or failure to deliver regulator requirements, can influence license to operate, financial performance and the standing of the company within the business community and society. A company’s responsible care image is important and, like quality, is an integral aspect of business.

“Johnson Matthey and its alliance partners have significant experience in helping customers focus on defining and delivering a sustainable environmental plan. Whether it is improving plant efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions, installing our low methanol catalyst for Low Temperature Shift, or strategies to reduce NOx from your steam reformer or nitric acid plant, we have a solution for you.”

More effort is needed by Johnson Matthey to reduce their own emissions!