LETTER: Islamaphobic rant over proposed Palestinian twinning

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Regarding Nelson’s proposed twinning with the Palestinian town of Beit Leed – who would have thought this issue would open up such a can of worms? Well, I suspect the Labour Party was well aware, and I can’t help but find the timing of this issue extremely suspect.

Some of Pendle’s Labour councillors, particularly Coun. Iqbal, are deliberately seeking to create a rift in the community for political gain, and are attempting to use this emotive issue to cynically purchase the votes of Nelson’s Muslim electorate in the forthcomng county council elections.

Unfortunately for them, no amount of grandstanding proclamations are going to have any positive effect on the average Palestinian citizen who is suffering under the weight of grand scale oppression.

In my opinion, Coun. Iqbal would do well to speak to his hierarchy, and not to those who struggle to even run the council’s Nelson Committee in a productive manner.

As for Coun. Parker’s assertion that “I do not wish to see my area forever associated with a regime inseparably linked to terrorism”, for such a statement to come from the pen of a BNP member is either self-delusion on a grand scale or some kind of ironic joke.

And as for M.M. Thompson’s statement that “our Muslim Mayor and Muslim councillors have no right to use their religion to twin Pendle with the beliefs of their Muslim brothers in Palestine”, of Pendle Council’s 49 councillors, less than 15 are Muslim, and as Coun. Parker pointed out, the twinning was decided by a single vote.

But why let facts get in the way of a mindless Islamaphobic rant?


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