LETTER: Is there an election coming up?

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Is there an election coming up?

I recently received a leaflet through my door with a picture of a Bea Foster, who I believe to be a Labour councillor. It actually made me make a phone call to the town hall to inquire if an election was due, only to be told there wasn’t.

Now I know this lady is not one of our local councillors, so I can’t understand the logic of this leaflet. I even asked my neighbours if this lady was known to them or if she lives in our area, to which the reply was “no” to both questions.

The leaflet states there has been governmental cuts in the police force, so no doubt that’s the reasoning behind it. The Labour Party in Burnley excel in the blame game and perhaps that is why they are giving out leaflets now (if not slightly early) for next May’s elections.

But come next May, the people of Burnley need to ask themselves, do you know who your local and county councillors are? Do they do a good job for the area? If you’ve not needed to call on their services, have your neighbours? Ask them what they think about them.

A local councillor works hard for the people of his/her community and, when I receive leaflets, I like to see what’s happening and being done in my own community and my own town of Burnley, not in London or Westminister.