LETTER: In tribute to a sporting stalwart

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I WAS sorry to read in the Burnley Express of the death of George Porter, aged 84.

George was very well known in amateur football circles and did a great deal of work for local football, serving on committees in Burnley involved in administering football.

He was himself a referee in local leagues, and was an active member of Burnley Referees’ Association. When his refereeing days were over, he continued to contribute to local football by assessing younger referees and passing his knowledge onto them, and also by being responsible for organising other retired referees to assess young referees, thereby encouraging their advancement.

George was brought up in Padiham and, when Burnley were playing away, he loved to see his old friends by watching Padiham FC. As a member of the “specials” he was always to be seen helping the police with the Whitsuntide processions.

George was always to the fore at Burnley matches when the police needed help in controlling over-enthusiastic supporters. For a time, George had his own business, a shoe shop in Nelson, and later as a local debt collector.

It was very sad that, after such a busy and useful life, George was confined to bed for his final years. Nevertheless, he never complained and was always very pleased to reminisce with visitors.

Though his body did not function well, his mind was razor sharp until his final weeks. George was a very strong willed man who did a remarkable amount of work for our local community.