LETTER: In priase of Cravenside Care Home

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It is all too easy these days to hear horror stories of how older people do not receive the care and attention we’d hope they would receive in their dying days.

I’d like to point out an exception, however, to perhaps give us all a little hope as we age in life.

My father, George Hollingworth, passed away on December 26th, in his “home” at Cravenside Care Home, Barnoldswick. As the end approached, he was surrounded by caring staff who did their best to make sure his every need was taken care of. Their sole concern was his (and our) well-being until he took his last breath. Their caring did not even end there as several accepted our invitation to attend the funeral and the small “celebration” of his life that followed.

Theirs is not easy work - nor is it well recognised and valued. Their day-to-day tasks include offering assistance to the elderly that I, as a mere mortal, could never undertake.

Barnoldswick should be proud it has such a care centre as Cravenside in the heart of the town and that its staff represents the type of care and dedication we all may dare to hope to receive in our last moments – but that few of us anticipate obtaining. A big thank you to Julie, Charlotte, Marie, Maxine and, of course, Jane. I am not sure what I, my sister, or my dad, would have done without you.


Montreal, Canada