LETTER: Illegally parked cars blocking Woone Lane

Once again the question of traffic congestion in Woone Lane has come up (David J. Butterworth’s letter, June 2nd).

I regularly walk down Woone Lane and to me congestion occurs because of the obstruction caused by the large number (usually in excess of 20) of cars parked on The Brown Cow side of the road, usually partially on the pavement. If these cars were removed I think Woone Lane would again become a two-way road and traffic congestion would disappear.

I was always under the impression parking on the pavement was illegal and it was a matter for the police, not parking attendants. Am I wrong or is this illegal parking just ignored by the police?

I always believed it was an offence to cause an obstruction by a motor vehicle as the large number of vehicles parked on the pavement of Woone Lane do. Am I wrong again, or is this just ignored by the police?

I shall be interested in the comments you receive on this matter.


Chapel Close,