LETTER: I stand up for the poorest in society

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I LOVE it when a letter penned by me and printed by the Express can provoke such a response as that of F.W. Birch, of Kingsley Drive, Padiham.

You may have intended to upset me with your printed attack but I can tell you that, if you did, you failed miserably.

What I am all about is saying what I want, when I want. You have every right to criticise me if you think fit and I respect your right to do so as I believe in saying what you truly feel.

And if I think the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer then that is exactly what I will say.

And if I think the Conservatives are responsible then I will say it thank you.

Yes I am the same Andrew Hennessey who asked the people to vote for me so do not be confused on that issue.

The point I was making about the wealthy want-for-nothings (to coin a phrase) is that I feel it is immoral in such hard times to be exploiting loopholes and privileged consideration while there are others who do not have enough nutritious food to eat.

Yes I will always stand on the side of the poorest, those who have not had the silver spoon treatment, those who have not fared so well.

So F.W. Birch, of Padiham, take off your rose-tinted glasses and take a reality check.