LETTER: I am not ‘out of touch’

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I WRITE to clarify the decision of Pendle Council to twin with the Palestinian town of Beit Leed.

This was a decision made at the last full council meeting in December, and has the fingerprints of Labour all over it. The Conservative group were strongly opposed to the proposal, and voted against it.

It was of no great surprise that the proposal made it on to the agenda. Coun. Mohammed Iqbal and his cronies often swerve the real issues and take up hours of council time on issues we have no power over each year while often having little to say on the issues that matter to the people of Pendle. The problem is, they have no idea what does matter to the public.

While we’re tackling tough issues like a budget deficit and concentrating on growth in the area, they continue to do nothing but attack proposals and scaremonger but yet offer nothing useful.

Coun. Iqbal claims we are destroying Pendle. While I care passionately about where we live, it’s his schemes like twinning with Palestine and his recent lack of support for increased business opportunities in Nelson town centre which show him up for what he really is. Indeed, he branded me “out of touch”. It is he who is completely out of touch with the people of Pendle and this worst type of pandering council motion proves that.

While Coun. Iqbal and his puppets continue to deviate, rest assured we will continue to deliver efficiencies within the council while improving services. We will take Pendle forwards.

One national newspaper suggested concern for Palestinians appeared to be secondary to Labour councillors’ attempts to “jockey for position” ahead of a decision on who will be the party’s parliamentary candidate in the Pendle constituency for the 2015 general election.

Of course, I couldn’t comment on that at all. What may impress hardcore left-wing members will do nothing to impress the wider public of Pendle.


Leader, Pendle Council