LETTER: Hope Tories get just deserts in May elections

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I WAS astonished to read the letter by Coun. Paul White in your edition of November 11th.

While Coun. White indulges in self-congratulatory nonsense about the efforts of his Tory Party colleagues in supporting business, he seems to flagrantly overlook the facts. His party killed off Enterprising Pendle, the borough’s thriving, energetic and successful community enterprise board,

The board was a value-for-money organisation employing just one top notch expert who was assisted by a board of high-calibre volunteers from across a broad swathe of Pendle’s business community and beyond.

In fact, Enterprising Pendle was the epitome of what the Tories claim to support – i.e. The Big Society.

During its short life, Enterprising Pendle supported 60 businesses, helped launch 16 start-ups and sustained scores of real jobs.

As Coun. White said: “Alas we live in a democracy” – let’s hope this comment comes back to bite him and other hypocritical Tories and that they get their just deserts in next May’s local elections.