LETTER: Football no longer a working class sport

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Shocking statistics, revealed in the BBC Sport Price of Football survey, showing the average cost of the cheapest adult ticket has risen by 11.7%, demonstrates that working class fans are fast being out priced from watching a live match in the stands.

Football was once described as the ‘working class ballet’, yet with the cheapest adult season ticket at some clubs approaching a whopping £1,000 a year, I struggle to see how in the coming years anyone but the super wealthy will be able to attend live games.

And with the average cheapest adult match day ticket now standing at £21.24 it is easy to see how many families, especially when budgets are tight, will struggle to attend on a regular basis.

Loyal fans are not only struggling with affording match tickets, but at many grounds they are literally being taken for a ride when buying refreshments. Clubs such as Manchester United and City who charge their fans as much as £2.50 for a humble cup of tea should be ashamed of themselves.


UKIP North West MEP