LETTER: Don’t see Whalley through rose-tinted glasses

It was heartwarming to read about Whalley in the Advertiser, Faiza Afzaal made it sound like the best place in England, what a wonderful place to live.

May I suggest she removes her rose-tinted glasses and reports on the reality. Whalley is a place choked with traffic and, contrary to Ms Afzaal’s article, with no “off” and little “on” street parking.

We are finding that people are avoiding the village because of these issues. It is a village under threat from developers who would build large housing estates destroying the village as a unit and turning it into an urban sprawl.

None of us, active in Save Whalley Village, can understand why we should even be having to fight this possibility, the facts should be patently obvious. This is a village, not a town; our shops thrive here because they are different, most are not bread and butter shops, they are tourist shops, because this is not a town, this is a village that attracts tourism.

A village with a housing estate of hundreds of houses overshadowing it, choking its streets and flooding its services is not going to attract tourism. The truth is Whalley is at breaking point, our schools are full, our sewage system is at capacity and so are our roads.


Woodlands Drive,