LETTER: Don’t make political propaganda from a six-year-old

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I WRITE in reference to the letter from Betsy Stringer in the Express of March 2nd.

How can she make political propaganda from the letter of a six-year-old?

I am Charlie’s nan and I know he wrote that letter, in all innocence, because he was fed up of standing in dog “poo”. He is a bright, articulate little boy and has a real sense of right and wrong and he feltit was wrong for people to allow their dogs to make a mess and then not clean up after them.

Why does that have to become a political party broadcast from the Labour Party? What are councillors of any party to do? They do not leave the mess and no matter how many dog bins there are people will still be selfish and leave the dog mess for others to stand in. She admits that when she was a Labour councillor of Ightenhill ward there was a problem with dog mess then.

Her letter should have been complaining about the dog owners, not the councillors.