LETTER: Dog fouling problem on football pitches

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On Saturday, November 12th, I went to watch my seven-year-old grandson play football at Bull Holme, Barrowford.

On arrival, the sight that greeted me was absolutely disgusting. A man who I think was something to do with the home team was walking all round the pitch with a shovel and a big plastic sack picking up dog faeces.

The amount he removed was unbelievable and I felt so sorry for the man having to do this job.

On looking round the field, I noticed four dog bins. It is beyond my comprehension why people knowing that youngsters play on this field fail to bother to clean up after their dogs.

As an amateur player in the 1960s and 1970s, I played on Bull Holme many times and never faced this problem. What has gone wrong with people?


(Name and address supplied)