LETTER: Do you need to buy a rail ticket between Clitheroe and Blackburn?

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As a regular commuter to Blackburn for work purposes I have over a period of time realised how much more efficient, cost effective and useful the Clitheroe to Blackburn rail service is to commuters.

Within a month on average it has cost in excess of £90 for fuel alone for the car and this doesn’t include the wear and tear, legal costs or the ever increasing costs our “so called kind government” keeps applying!

While the costs for a monthly adult return ticket is a quite reasonable £58.40, the journey is a lot more pleasant except for the odd idiot who sees it funny to cause trouble and swearing without good cause.

However, while all of this sounds good, how many times have I wondered if buying a ticket is necessary. More often than not you don’t see a ticket conductor on the return journey from Blackburn, how many people don’t actually bother getting a ticket? You can’t get better than free!

Also if you catch the early morning train from Clitheroe the ticket office isn’t open and you don’t see a conductor – yet its supposed to be illegal to travel without the correct ticket!

If Northern Rail actually got everybody to pay, the travelling costs could be even more advantageous and the much preferred stress free travelling more popular.


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