LETTER: Discarded rubbish is dangerous

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Could the inconsiderate and selfish walker who enjoyed his sardine and tomato lunch last Sunday at the seat next to the path up Clitheroe road overlooking Sabden please consider the consequences of discarding the empty sardine can under the seat?

Not only is he committing an offence under the local bylaws, i.e. that of dropping litter, but it looks unsightly, and any inquisitive animal including local pets, foxes, other wildlife and even sheep could have sustained a nasty injury from licking out the remains in the can.

Most walkers have a responsible attitude to litter and take it home to dispose of, but we still have to put up with a minority who can’t be bothered, and they leave it to the local litter vigilantes to keep the environs of our village and the slopes of Pendle, an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty, free of unsightly and sometimes dangerous rubbish.


Top Row, Sabden