LETTER: ‘Dick Whittington’ at Lowerhouse Junior School

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ON Thursday, July 14th, I went to watch the pantomime “Dick Whittington” at Lowerhouse Junior School as our youngest granddaughter was one of the participants.

I have been to see many of the pantos our children and grandchildren have been involved in, mostly school ones, but also some in Nelson and Padiham, which in my opinion, professionals could not have done better.

However, on turning up at the school I had some concerns to see a lonely central stage, a couple of tables, several chairs and what I thought was mediocre lighting.

But when I saw the children with their fantastic costumes of gents, ladies, butlers, maids, cats to rats, kings to queens, captains in bright sheens etc, top hats, bonnets and all sorts of attire, it was magnificent.

One other thing was that the children were also involved in making the tickets and the programmes. What a super idea.

So I say to one and all, to me you’ve done a fantastic job. Roll on the next one.