LETTER: Demolition of mill would be historic vandalism

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I WAS amazed to read that Spring Gardens Mill in Waterside is to be demolished.

As a Colne Town Councillor, I have asked, and will continue to ask, why this situation has not once appeared on the agenda of any council meeting during the last two years.

As a historian, I would see the demolition of this iconic mill as an act of historical vandalism. The mill is a historical monument which has stood since the 19th Century and is a reminder of what Colne was built on and used to be.

If this mill has become dangerous and has to come down, we should be allowed to ask why the owners have allowed such a large and important building to so decline. It should be remembered that, less than 10 years ago, this mill had an important part to play in the “grand” plan for the South Valley. It clearly had a future then and yet now, without any real conversation at any level, we could see it bulldozed into oblivion.

Surely I am not the only one in Colne who wants to see our mill saved. I would be very happy to receive comments on gerard8491@sky.com


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