LETTER: Council should do their bit by emptying dog waste bins

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Pendle Council has expressed concern about the public failing to pick up dog waste, yet they fail to do their bit in supporting the public by emptying the bins at frequent intervals.

It seems to me the most accessible bins are emptied more frequently while bins a little further off the track are neglected and get very full.

We walk our dogs each day on the Hard Platts recreational area in Nelson only to find the dog bins used the most are full to overflowing after only a few days.

After complaining to the cleansing department on several occasions, they have rectified the situation, but only for a short period and only for the situation to relapse to the same level of neglect.

Under Health and Safety rules, these bins should be emptied frequently, particularly those used the most.

The men who empty the bins should surely know the ones used the most - and empty them twice a week if necessary.

I know I am speaking on behalf of many others who feel the same way as myself.

It is time the council got their act together and do the job they are paid to do to benefit everyone.

ERIC PLATT Dunderdale Avenue, Nelson