LETTER: Council leader has been ‘grandstanding’

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Coun. Joe Cooney never ceases to amaze.

In his letter on March 29th, he clearly scored an own goal by naming all the last-minute changes to the Coalition’s bizarre and unworkable bedroom tax. The bedroom tax is patently unfair, clearly doomed to failure and is unenforceable.

On the subject of “own goals”, I thought that as a football referee, Coun. Cooney would have followed rules fairly carefully. However, we now find on Utube videos of him running in the Olympic Torch relay through St Peters in Kent when high-profile politicians were supposed to be barred from participating.

I know this rule was probably designed first and foremost to stop the likes of Boris Johnson and David Cameron grandstanding, but surely the leader of Pendle Council at the time should have thought twice about this?

The people of St Peters thought they were cheering a sporting personality, not the leader of a council somewhere up North.

Coun. Cooney should have known it was wrong to have participated and virtually conned those people who cheered him on as he “grandstanded” through St Peters.

If Coun. Cooney bought his torch, he should donate it to a charity and apologise to the people of St Peters.


Varley Street, Colne