LETTER: Conservatives’ battle royal over gay marriage

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I HAVE read with interest about the battle royal between the Conservative Party and individuals on gay marriage, which the politicians want to foster on us.

While I was reading this week’s Sunday paper, I noticed some MPs who favour this Act claimed it was a good thing for this country and had the support from the majority of voters in the land.

On the same day I watched the BBC world news programme and again an MP stated he was in favour of the gay marriage act and there was massive support shown by the public when they were consulted on this matter.

Now the question which needs to be asked and answered by the Conservative Party is when did they hold this consultation, where, dates, who attended and how many of the UK’s 63 million population voted for and against? The reason I ask is that I am heading for the 80-year mark and I do sometimes forget things. So maybe I missed it all I just want to know when it happened, so I can reassure myself I am not on the path of dementia. So if the any Conservative Party member can tell me when this consultation took place it will be more than welcome.