LETTER: Colour code the potholes on Pendle’s roads

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I’m sure the holes in Pendle’s roads will stay unfilled for a while yet since we seem to have blown all the money on libraries, social services, care for the disabled, park rangers and the elderly.

It’s good to know we have a Tory-run county council, a hung borough council and a Tory MP we must have some pull in high places to get these holes filled in.

I wonder, though, if in the interim, money could be found to colour-code them. Different coloured paint sprays could be used to circle the holes indicating just what sort of an impact driving into one of them is likely to have on a car’s suspension – some innocuous looking ones can be lethal. An interactive Google map could be put on the council’s website to allow local ratepayers to vote on the grading of the holes. Over time, this could be adjusted as they get ever deeper.

Since coming to power, the number of millionaires in the Coalition cabinet seems to have shrunk from 20 to 17, so you can tell times are tough and we all have to do our bit, but I’m sure colour coding the holes in Pendle will help local motorists to be even more stoical than usual.