LETTER: Colne looks like a refuse tip and dogs’latrine at times

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I was pleased to read of Sandra Fernandezes’ satisfaction about living here in the Colne Times. I moved to Colne 10 years ago and agree with her as to the friendly helpfulness of the town’s folk and those living in the surrounding villages.

So I cannot understand why many Colners suffer an apparent inability to place their litter in a bin, nor seem able to teach their children to do so, when there are numerous litter bins throughout the town.

Why do so many dog-owners hereabouts fail to pick up after their animals? After all, as they are responsible for what goes in one end of their pet, they are equally responsible for what exits the other end.

Or, if they do use a dog waste bag, why do they hang the bags on hedges, gateposts, walls, street furniture or drop some on the side of pathways around playing fields or on the edge of pavements?

There are some sidestreets in Colne where lines of dog mess indicate the walkways and building endings and bags of dog mess are left on windowsills, pushed into window boxes along with litter and empty beer cans.

Why do beer cans have to be left on walls, bus stops, jammed into wrought iron gates and pushed into every space? Why are they hung rather than put into a bin? There are plenty around.

As for the thousands of cigarette butts dropped around public seating, pub entrances and between flagstones: how can people afford to smoke these days?

Colne could be an attractive small market town and thanks to the efforts of Colne in Bloom spring and summer, it looks pretty but litter and dog fouling is there among the plating.

Our hard-working street cleaners do a great job but so many uncaring, irresponsible Colners undermine all their endeavours. Sometimes Colne looks like a refuse tip and dogs’ latrine.

Yvonne M. May