LETTER: Coalition must take blame for unemployment increase

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This coalition Government keep blaming the previous Government for being guilty of gross mismanagement financially. While Labour was in power, they greatly increased the money allocated to the health services, police, education and the armed services. Being politicians, they then trusted the professionals in all those areas to make best use of the allocations. When problems arose, they then set targets and controls. The other parties in opposition accused them of creating quangos and interference in management.

Anyway, now we are in good hands. The politicians, who think they are experts in both winning elections and organisation of professions, of which the leaders have studied, graduated and practised, are in control.

They have or intend to create double the number of quangos than Labour, but as they point out, there are fewer people employed in each. This means we have double the number of executives on large salaries but they will be responsible for fewer staff. OK for some. With coalition efficiency they are going to replace one person with three people, three departments and three sets of staff. This is an ideal way of reducing unemployment. The only problem in my mind is that the people considered most able will be the people who will just have received a large redundancy payment on the termination of the cabinet office.

With efficiency savings like this, when will the coalition start to take some of the blame for the increase in unemployment and the failure to reduce the financial deficit?